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Promotional Tech Gear

Promotional Tech Gear

Distributing promotional tech gear with your company’s unique branding is great way to increase sales and create new market inroads. With technology playing an integral part in nearly every aspect of business, potential customers will be laying their hands on your logo on a constant and consistent basis. Smart phones, tablets, portable memory drives and even mouse pads are just a sampling of the vast tech gear that many companies and individuals put to use on a daily basis along with other office items. Imagine the exposure if those products featured your organization’s logo.

Since EmbroidMe offers an inventory consisting of close to one million promotional products, gathering the right mix of promotional tech gear to be distributed among new and current customers is simple and affordable. USB drives, tablet sleeves, phone cases and just about any other type of technology need or accessory can be fitted with a lasting impression of your brand. In addition, stylus and pen combinations or laser pointing devices can be outfitted with your logo.

Current and prospective customers are using devices and accessories every single day. Getting a branded product into the hands of those customers is the equivalent of getting a few minutes of free advertising. While the perfect piece of promotional tech gear needs to be individual or organization-specific, once the proper product is selected the payoff is low cost advertising that delivers on a reliable and predictable basis. Once the item is delivered, the product starts working immediately by reinforcing your brand.

To find out how EmbroidMe can help your business or organization, simply locate a resource center or give us a call. Our specialists will help you determine the best promotional product for your company so you can build a profitable customer base.