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RFID Secure Sleeves

Many credit cards being distributed today contain small chips called Radio Frequency ID chips (RFID). These chips hide in the card and are quiet, until ‘queried’ by the wireless retail reader. Then the chip gives over the card’s account number and expiration date.

Even in the midst of this convenience, your customers need protection from electronic pick-pocketing - that is, an illegal wireless query of the card leading to credit card fraud. Retail readers can be purchased online, connected to a battery/power supply, and then the thief simply goes into a crowded venue, like a mall or an airport, and ‘skims’ credit card numbers.

The Secure Sleeve can be inexpensively imprinted with your bank logo and contact information or promotional message, and given to your customers. Once your customers place their valuable credit cards into our Secure Sleeves, the RFID chip is blocked from unwanted scanning and your bank has provided the protection.

Think about it, every time the sleeve and card is withdrawn from the wallet, your bank receives a promotional mention. And your customers will certainly want to tell friends and family about the valuable gift they have received from your bank. Soon the bank will have new traffic asking for this protection.

Be the leader in your market. Buy the gift of Protection, Promotion and Traffic for your customers.